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Double Standards

  • Music video with half naked men dancing:


  • Music video with half naked women dancing:

    sexist and objectifying

  • All man's college:


  • All woman's college:


  • MRA:

    sexists and rape apologists

  • Feminists:


  • Woman checking out a guy and calling him hot:


  • Man checking out a girl and calling her hot:


  • Men's rights:

    a joke

  • Woman's rights:

    a serious issue

  • My boyfriend tries to take a bag into a store:

    sir you have to leave that by the door. We don't want anyone stealing anything

  • I try to take my purse into the exact same store:

    go right ahead miss

  • Man pays for dinner:

    What a responsible man, taking care of his girl

  • Woman pays for dinner:

    What a horrible man she has, making her pay!

  • Man calls a woman a slut:


  • Woman calls a man a douche:

    "You tell 'em, girl!"

  • Man goes into Victoria's Secret with his girlfriend:

    "Ew, pervert, why does he have to be in here, go outside who cares if its raining!" (yeah that actually fucking happened)

  • Woman goes into a sex store:

    "Wow so cool, she isn't afraid to come in here!"

  • Gay men:


  • Gay women:

    so fucking hot

  • Man cries:


  • Woman cries:

    she must have broken down, poor dear

  • Man hits a woman:

    disgusting sexist pig

  • Woman hits a man:

    He must have provoked her

  • Man rapes a woman:

    "what a pig! he deserves to die"

  • Woman rapes a man:

    "Well, he had an erection, he obviously wanted it. Not rape.

  • Woman is in the military:

    "Wow, what a brave courageous girl"

  • Man is in the military:

    He must not have been smart enough to do anything else

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